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Anonymous said...

I remember being 11 years old and “Watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” with my dad.

The questions was: What day of the week is sometimes called “Hump day”? Is it
A. Monday
B. Thursday
C. Saturday
D. Wednesday

I say “D. Wednesday” proud of what a genius I am. My dad says “C. Saturday”.

“Is that your final answer?”
“You’re right!”

“See dad! I was right!” My dad simply chuckles, points at my stepmom and said “Pffft. Our hump day is Saturday”. UGH!

Anonymous said...

It started with a pregnancy scare. I have never been that good at taking my birth control pill. I couldn`t remember to take it on a daily basis let alone at a consistent time. Eventually this was bound to cause some problems... and eventually it did.

One night, a few too many drinks and I`m going home with a guy I`d been seeing. Needless to say, we were not responsible and I did not take my usual extra precautions of doubling up on protection. Actually, we took zero precautions.

The next day, sick with guilt and a massive hangover, I dragged my ass to the pharmacy, bought a box of Plan B, and spent the rest of the day convinced my sore stomach was a baby starting to grow. The high point was thinking “If I am pregnant this is definitely not the guy I want to be the father of my children!” That in its self is a measure of success.

After my terrible day of nursing hangover, my guilt, and my fake baby I decided enough was enough and booked my appointment for an IUD consultation. This was never going to happen again I vowed... and it hasn’t since.

Female, 21

Anonymous said...

I always worry I'm pregnant. I use birth control pills AND condoms, but I always worry I'm pregnant. That's why I like having my period, not using an IUD, because a period reassures me that I'm not pregnant.