Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sexual Fantasies

We thought this comment was particularly interesting. Below are our individual thoughts on the subject. What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a sexual fantasy? Did it come true and, if so, what was it like? Comment about your experience(s) in the comment section below.
"Does having sexual fantasies inhibit the possibility of these scenerios from actually happening (being that the mind categorizes such scenarios as impossible and therefore pursues something else)? Or do fantasies play a role in how humans attain their physical desires?" (comment from Rowdizzle)
#1 Experiment. Role Play. But above all: communicate. In order for sexual fantasies to have any chance of coming true you need to communicate with your partner. Tell your partner what you want, what turns you on. Most people aren't mind readers, so there is no way your partner can fully satisfy you unless they know what you desire and what you need. We need to talk about sex. This isn't just parents talking about it with their kids, or teachers with their students, we should also be communicating with our partners. Couples should talk about what they expect from each other, what they desire, and what they need to keep the fire kindled. Talking about sex and sexual fantasies may be embarrassing but certainly not as embarrassing as getting naked. Besides who knows some of those fantasies might actually come true. As for those really crazy weird ones, while your partner might not be into it, I'm sure they'll respect your honesty and openness.
#2 If someone becomes too fixated on having a fantasy played out, they might stop at nothing to achieve it (imagine serial killers) which I guess means that no fantasy is unachievable as long as you might be willing to compromise. For example, you want to have sex while skydiving. It may not be safe to do that, but you could do it bungee jumping? If you have an astronaut friend, borrow a zero gravity machine? Maybe a hammock, even…? It’s not totally unrealistic. And occasionally, I do find myself heading towards certain situations because I realize that it might make a fantasy come true. I’ll make a point of going out on a date with my significant other during bad weather because I dream of passionately smooching in the pouring rain and flashing lighting. Ultimately, it boils down to the person. Celebrity fantasies are generally just that because the chance of meeting Jude Law or Kate Beckinsale in that hotel room in Vegas are pretty slim, sorry. But others might drive people forwards, to maybe start picking out mates that can one day fulfill their fantasies. Most people never let go of their fantasies, things like role-playing, or bandage. They may never get lived out, but I guarantee you they don’t write it off as never going to happen. It’s like telling a kid they can have ice cream every day if they get straight A’s and the kid goes ”Pffft that’ll never happen.” No, the kid does his homework and tries to get A’s for the ice cream. But maybe they’ll settle for the consolation prize of a freezie.

#3 This is an interesting question and some great food for thought. Sexual fantasies tend (for me anyways) to be scenarios we wish… hope… PRAY (in a perfect world) will come true. But what happens when they do? For instance, what happens if the fantasy enacted doesn’t live up to the hype your mind has created. Does the fantasy become useless and unable to arouse us any longer? Or, what if the fantasy is everything you thought it would be? Does playing out your fantasy perfectly take away the desire for it? Can fantasy ever reality?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to Teach Sexual Harassment

This video was shown at a school in St. Albert during a Grade 7 English class in to generate a discussion about a book they were studying (we're hoping the book was about sexual harassment in some way). Apparently the showing of the video caused quite a stir amongst students, parents, faculty and staff, and the teacher who showed the video is currently on leave. Amongst ourselves, this video generated much discussion about teaching sexual harassment in the school system and what is the best way to approach the subject. Sexual harassment is a very important topic to educate our students about. It is a prevalent issue and they may come in contact with some form of it in the future, but is this video a helpful tool? What are the important elements for an effective sexual harassment lesson plan? Are there better resources that we should be looking at (if so, which ones)?

For more information on this particular case check out these articles:

Monday, 28 November 2011

We are in! Fringe 2012 HERE WE COME!

This blog was created to help inspire and develop Bring It Up Productions Fringe 2012 show "SexEd." Despite our widening society and social reality, sex and sexuality are still widely considered to be very taboo. Of course, we all "do it," but no one really talks about it. This blog and this show are our own attempts to open the doors for healthy sexual discussion. It is our mission to combat myths, taboos, and whatever is considered the "norm."

Post to our Blog! On this blog we will post facts, videos, websites, myths, taboos and any other resources we find useful. Please feel free to comment and/or add to these posts. This blog was created as one method of communication and we want your feedback, your stories, your opinions, etc. You can post anonymously or not. all that we ask is that with every response you include your age and gender. Your responses are our inspiration for this show, but if you do not wish for one of your responses to appear directly in "SexEd" just specify that fact and we will promise not to include it.

Together we can begin talking about sexuality in an open and healthy way. Together we can create "SexEd" - Let's Start Talking!