Monday, 28 November 2011

We are in! Fringe 2012 HERE WE COME!

This blog was created to help inspire and develop Bring It Up Productions Fringe 2012 show "SexEd." Despite our widening society and social reality, sex and sexuality are still widely considered to be very taboo. Of course, we all "do it," but no one really talks about it. This blog and this show are our own attempts to open the doors for healthy sexual discussion. It is our mission to combat myths, taboos, and whatever is considered the "norm."

Post to our Blog! On this blog we will post facts, videos, websites, myths, taboos and any other resources we find useful. Please feel free to comment and/or add to these posts. This blog was created as one method of communication and we want your feedback, your stories, your opinions, etc. You can post anonymously or not. all that we ask is that with every response you include your age and gender. Your responses are our inspiration for this show, but if you do not wish for one of your responses to appear directly in "SexEd" just specify that fact and we will promise not to include it.

Together we can begin talking about sexuality in an open and healthy way. Together we can create "SexEd" - Let's Start Talking!

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Rowdizzle said...

My question to the panel is this:

Does having sexual fantasies inhibit the possibility of these scenerios from actually happening (being that the mind catagorizes such senerios as impossible and therefore pursues something else)? Or do fantasies play a role in how humans attain thier physical desires?