Friday, 29 June 2012

Sneak Peak - Get out your calendars!!!

Hey Readers!

Today we thought we would let you know which Fringe venue we've gotten and the times and dates for our show "Sexed.” We will be performing in the International Fringe Festival in Edmonton, AB in August 2012. We’ve given you ample notice so mark your calendars, book your plane/bus tickets, gas up your car and come see Sexed!!! If you are in Edmonton already... BUY SOME TICKETS (and invite everyone you know or have ever known).

Here goes nothing:

Venue #9

TELUS Building

10437 83 Avenue

August 17 10:15 pm –11:00 pm

August 18 6:15 pm –7:00 pm

August 20 9:00 pm –9:45 pm

August 21 12:00 pm –12:45 pm

August 23 4:30 pm –5:15 pm

August 24 2:15 pm –3:00 pm

Have a good weekend!

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