Monday, 4 June 2012

Vagina Voices - Plenty of Syph

Hey Readers!

As you probably know from all of those "Syph it's back!" promotional posters, buttons, pamphlets, etc. syphilis is on the rise in North America. The website Plenty of Syph fronts as a dating website for local singles that are looking for matches also infected with the disease. It's a play on the real dating site Plenty of Fish (to state the obvious). You go onto the website, enter your information and preferences, take a syphilis profile quiz, and then start reviewing your matches (for free!) Once you have chosen your perfect syph match you can click onwards to learn more about the infection including symptoms, how you catch it, and how to treat it. We were stoked to find this site because it helps to educate the public about syphilis (especially people our age) using relatable tactics. It's funny, clever, and very factual and informative.

Here is a video of us reading a few of the profiles from the website - this is what we do in lieu of rehearsing sometimes!

Happy Monday!

P.S. We like LOVE baby tigers.

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